Saturday, Nov 7th Dr. Nancy welcomes Betsy Lavoie to the Dr. Nancy Knows Radio broadcast at 9am MT.

During the Dr. Nancy Knows Radio Show, Betsy will share her wisdom on how to engage with people and businesses to grow and develop your business or nonprofit. As a Chamber of Commerce leader Betsy brings practical insights how local involvement and Chamber membership helps businesses connect with new clients and tap into a network of support.

Engaging with Centers of Influence is key to the success of your business. Local networking, referrals, signature events, advertising, public policy and member educational seminars are benefits of joining your local Chamber. In Fountain Hills it immediately connects members with over 300 local businesses and a mailing of 1600 in Fountain Hills, Scottsdale, Rio Verde and Mesa, Arizona.

Betsy Lavoie is the CEO and President of the Fountain Hills Chamber of Commerce.  Betsy is a mother of two children and has been a resident of Fountain Hills since 1979.  She has a passion to support local business and nonprofit organizations.

Watch Dr. Nancy Knows right here on Saturday’s at 9am MT.

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