Most people already know that switching to an alternative energy source, like solar, is incredible for the environment. However, a common misconception is that most people think it is too expensive! The truth is, installing solar panels for your home over a period of time can save you thousand of dollars.

DJ will lead you through four simple steps to see if Solar is right for you.

Step 1: Consultation: Chat with our team to personalize the best possible solar route for you.

Step 2: Site Survey: Our surveyor will visit your property to pull specs and measurements.

Step 3: Engineering: Our team will plan, design, and engineer the perfect grid to fit your home.

Step 4: Installation: Our team of professionals will install your new custom system.

Built with the environment in mind, our panels are created responsibly and sustainably using high-quality eco-friendly materials. Resulting in long-lasting and effective panels for you and your home.

Unlike other solar companies, our solar experts take the time to get to know your needs, and work with you so we can provide a custom system giving exactly what YOU need.

Special Solar Offer

Mention you heard about Go Solar with DJ on Dr Nancy Knows and receive a $100 hotel voucher for going through a utility review audit no purchase necessary. As a bonus, if you choose to install with DJ you will receive a referral fee on your own system.

About DJ

DJ Barton has been an entrepreneur for 25 years. He shares he’s “never had a job. I have multiple businesses. I have a credit repair and financial literacy company. I have a solar business. I’m a social media marketing coach. I co authored a book called Momentum Makers with Jordan Adler who wrote the book Beach Money. I’m an investor. I’ve built large teams into the thousands all over the world.”

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