Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino

Let’s talk anti-aging! The health aspect of anti-aging is what people are tuning into today. How do we prevent oxidation from inside the body based on what we are exposed to such as physical, chemical, Electro Magnetic Frequencies and emotions?

Do you need Hormone Replacement Therapy? Here’s what to look for:

  • How is your wellness?
  • Do you feel good getting up in the morning?
  • How is your outlook?
  • How’s your energy levels?
  • How is sleep?

As we get in touch with how you feel and your symptoms next we look what else is up in your body. Then for a holistically approach we consider your lab result numbers.

You may need hormone replacement. You may need absorbable micronutrition. Doug shares that having enough “D3” in your system and other micronutrients may be just what you need for anti-aging. But it must be personalized for you both in terms of dosage and specific to your body chemistry.

Doug Caporrino is a renown biochemist and functional nutritionist who specializes in treating patients in the most natural way possible.

“We have seen thousands of patients come through our program with a greater than 80% success rate measured by inflammatory markers in the body”

Customized wellness is based on your specific blood labs, looking at your nutritional deficiencies, completing a comprehensive evaluation, listening to you and formulating a plan that works with your body. It’s personalized medicine and wellness.

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