It’s inspiration and motivation time. Get comfortable taking risks. Say Yes to Life and Face the Fear to Do It Anyway.

Who you are is enough. You’ve been given gifts to touch your world. The able to be who you truly authentically are is the topic of this episode of Dr Nancy Knows.

Julie’s definition of failure is “what is next?”

Get Sh*t Done! Julie Jones is an Award-Winning International Speaker and Alignment Coach and Chief Inspiration Officer of the Get Shit Done Platform. Julie is a master connector of people who is passionate about supporting purpose driven entrepreneurs to live their best life NOW without regrets.

As a former police officer and SWAT member, Julie knows that there is no promise of tomorrow, and coaches individuals to face the fear and live in the moment.

Julie has been featured on several podcasts including Mindful Conversation with Dr Lori Monaco, Lead Up for Women and Why Can’t You. Julie has been published in the Lead Up for Women Magazine March 2021 issue, and has been a keynote speaker for the Spirit, Mind, Body Conference held in Arizona.

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She has facilitated women’s conferences, serves on the board of OCJ Kids, a non-profit for foster children, and is a director with BNI, Business Networking International. Within her short 2.5 years with BNI Julie has been awarded the Education Coordinator of the Year(2019) as well as Leadership Team of the Year and Member of the Year(2020).

Julie has a weekly interview series where she highlights business owners throughout the country to inspire her audience that anything is possible. In the last 15 years, Julie has influenced thousands of clients in achieving their passions and to get comfortable taking risks in their pursuit of a better and bolder quality of life.

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