Dr Nancy Knows Kaneka Trotter

“Whatever is needed for our seniors, I’m here to do” is Kaneka’s heart and life’s work. An advocate assisting individuals and families makes decisions and placement for home health, home care, hospice and assistant living options is at the core of her work.

Being a senior advisor I get to be that advocate and find great places for my patients in the Senior community.  Depending on the seniors needs, Kaneka can connect and walk along side families on everything from moving assistance, veterans solutions, home care help, skilled nursing and rehabilitation to memory care or assisted livings. Whatever the elderly are facing, Kaneka takes joy in helping them and their families navigate services to assist.

Kaneka shares, “Our clients have great stories and lives to share and I enjoy listening to and finding that common ground.  Whether it’s being an avid book reader, talking sports with the “boys,” or a person whom enjoys being up to see the sunrise.  For me, being able to assist seniors is not only personal,  but cultural for me, and I take pride in helping those seniors whom need it most.”

Kaneka holds a Bachelors in Criminal Justice, a Masters Degree in Administration of Justice and Security and a Masters Degree in Addiction Counseling. Throughout her professional life she was drawn to help the elderly population. 

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