Dr Nancy Knows Andrew Day

“The stuff you record on your phone or your nephew creates on his ipad – keep doing that stuff on social media.” says Andrew Day of DayLite Films. That personalized content is important. “What we do is come into your business and give you a two minute professional branding video or commercial. It makes a great first impression about your business.” We work with you to put together a script, get to know your business and create a professional insight into your mission and vision.

When doing your own video recordings, Andrew makes these recommendations for DIY video work for social media:

  • Get a nice microphone.
  • Get a ring light.
  • No windows or light behind you.
  • Don’t wear black, white or busy shirts.
  • Put the dogs (or cats) out.
  • Silence or turn off phones.
  • Set words above or right behind the camera.
  • Be brief.
  • Don’t make the music too loud.

DayLite works directly with clients and with ad agencies. While based in Phoenix we partner with companies nationally and internationally. Services offered by Daylite are:

  • Relationships with media buyers-to get your ad on radio or TV.
  • Full video and radio production services-inception to broadcast.
  • Green screen studio-puts you or your product in front of any desired background you can think of.
  • Web, logo, and business card designers.
  • Access to production associations and all the professional technicians, on camera and voice talent within those organizations.
  • National and international experience and relationships.
  • On location or in studio production-we can work anywhere.
  • A library of music, stock photos, and clip art, or the ability to incorporate all your art work, logos, and style into your finished product.
  • Great relationships with excellent still photographers for business interiors, corporate portraits, or product shots.
  • Large network of creative minds to help us give you the best service possible; all done within the parameters of any budget to fit your needs.



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