Dr Nancy Knows Beverly Brown

“The only competition an individual has, is themselves” is a motto Beverly Brown and Dr Nancy share. Beverly is a best selling author and coach. She work with people to learn and pursue their dreams and gifting. She will help you move forward with practical steps to achieve your dreams.

Beverly founded and leads Dreamsteerer Academe‘ a nine-week certification course that helps you uncover, discover and develop the dream you already have inside, to better prepare you to pursue your God-given goals, dreams, and vision.

  • Classes are once a week on Thursdays, with a graduation at the end. 
  • It starts various times of the year – this year it will Aug. 19, 2021
  • It will also be offered via zoom to a limited number of Dreamers
  • Class curriculum is based on the Best Selling Book – The Dream Giver
  • Cost includes the book and notebook supplies
  • This year an additional 90 days to launch follow-up will be included with 50% off normal consultation rates. 

Beverly is a Dreamsteerer and Consultant specializing in steering dreamers toward their God-given goals, dreams and vision. She founded and is lead instructor at Dreamsteerer Academe’ and have successfully graduated 33 Dreamers that have advanced in their careers, personal lives and launched successful business ventures.

She specialize in individual, group and small business consulting, and marketing. She is available as an Event Host, Inspirational Speaker, Talk Show host and executive producer of my YouTube Channel – Creative Consulting Dreams.

As a #1 Best Selling Co-Author of Empowering Women to Succeed – Turning Tragedy Into Triumph and self-published book entitled You Can Do It! Whatever It Is. More recently authored and self-published “The Graduates of Dreamsteerer Academe’.

From Dreamers to Visionaries’ book collaboration. Beverly’s passion is talking to people about their goals, dreams and visions and “steering” them in the direction on how to achieve them.

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