“Can I go three more feet?” Dr Nancy welcomes Bonnie Stevens who is an Emmy award-winning documentary producer and journalist and new friend of Dr Nancy Knows.

Dr Nancy Knows Bonnie Stevens

Bonnie shares how the the story of Kyle Maynard’s, whose will to do and be fully engaged in loving life, inspires her. The ability to overcome what is in front of you comes from taking the next step. Kyle’s own story, from never having put up a tent to becoming a world class mountaineer has been about taking it step by step. Bonnie’s incorporated Kyle’s personal question of “Can I go three more feet” to achieve her own incredible professional and personal accomplishments during challenging life events.

Barriers Breaker Surf Camp

Bonnie know the next three feet of steps between loss and overcoming. During a time of personal loss, Bonnie attended a surf camp in Hawaii and found it to be healing and clarifying. Today Bonnie’s focused that experience into helping others through Barrier Breaker Surf Camp. Individuals on the Autism Spectrum Disorder are members of the newest minority in search of their tribe. Barrier Breakers Surf Camp is a new program designed to bring people together, push beyond perceived limitations and open the world’s bounty of social, recreational and professional opportunities.  

Forest Under Fire Documentary

 Bonnie Stevens uses her writing, organizational and leadership skills to educate audiences about science and connect scientists and their work with the general public. The Arizona Arts Council nominated Bonnie for Leadership of the Viola Award in 2014. for her work as Producer on Forest Under Fire.

Public Relations Expert

With clients such as Arizona Snowbowl, Coconino Community College and Babbitt Ranches, Bonnie Stevens’ Communication Station has more than 15 years experience creating and implementing public relations campaigns. Bonnie’s clients have been featured in NewsweekUSA Today and on Oprah!  

Bonnie is an Emmy award-winning journalist, broadcaster, author and natural storyteller who shines the media spotlight on people, places and issues. Her extensive media career includes more than five years anchoring and general assignment reporting, and an additional two years of major market writing and producing. She has more than 12 years experience in science and environmental news reporting.

Her compelling news reports have aired on CNN, PBS, The Weather Channel, Phoenix, Tucson and Flagstaff news stations and many network affiliated stations across the country. Stevens’ hosts “Brain Food” a weekly KNAU Arizona Public Radio science research program. She is editor of Flagstaff Business News and Quad Cities Business News. Among her accomplishments, Stevens is a successful entrepreneur and author of the science-education children’s book, Quaking Aspen.

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