Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino

What are the secrets celebrities know to retaining their youthfulness and health? Did you know that 77% of all people who came down with COVID had a Vitamin D deficiency? How can you give your body specifically what it needs to heal and improve your own wellness?

Interview Premiering Saturday, June 26th at 9am MT
Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino

Nutritionist to the stars, functional nutritionist and biochemist Doug Caporrino has worked with celebrities such as Silvester Stallone and John Travolta on their own journeys and Doug believes health is for everybody. His compassion and drive grew from his own rocky start. Doug was born with three holes in his heart, diagnosed with juvenile onset rheumatoid arthritis and Familial Mediterranean fever, a rare genetic disorder. These real life challenges began his journey into science, biochemical studies and nutrition.

Doug’s life work proves out that every persons body is different and your physical bodies deficiencies are specific to you. Your body’s ability to repair is found in your intracellular make up. The place to begin is specific blood tests that show what your cells are absorbing and not absorbing. 75% of your immunity is found in your microbiome. You can eat the right foods and take the right supplements but if your microbiome isn’t healed you can’t fully absorb them.

What can you start today?

Do you find you need to take over-the-counter anti-inflammatories? Beets juice, beet root and beet greens are a natural alternative and do not negatively impact your liver like long term anti-inflammatories use can. Based on your unique biochemistry you may need supplements such as magnesium to support it’s effectiveness.

“We have seen thousands of patients come through our program with a greater than 80% success rate measured by inflammatory markers in the body”

Avocados are an amazing food. They are a complete protein and the most healthy part is the pit! You can ground it in a coffee grinder and sprinkle it on foods such as oatmeal.

Eat a variety of fermented foods. Pickles and sauerkraut are good for you and promote healthy variety in your microbiome which supports your health.

Wheatgrass is a super food. Take 1/2 ounce at a time and let it sit in your mouth for 30-45 seconds. It will move out heavy metals and and detoxify the cell membrane.

Buy local fruits and vegetables when you can. Test a head of broccoli today compared to one 25 years ago and it can contain 50% less nutrients. Talk to food producers at your local farmers about how they grow their foods, watch for organic and buy local to get the freshest your area has to offer.

Cancer feeds and thrives in various environments. You often hear that cancer can not survive in an alkaline environment. But the reality is that some cancers thrive in alkaline environments while others in an acidic environment. Understanding the cancer, your personal biochemical makeup and developing a whole nutrition plan for you is key to supporting your body.

Invest In You

Many things in the environment can impact your health. We often don’t think about what’s in our deodorant, laundry detergent, carpet and furniture. It might not be just the food your eating. For about a months worth of daily café coffee, you can receive your own personalized testing by working with Doug.

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