With more than a decade of relationship-building experience, Novle is dedicated to helping business owners, corporate executives and non-profit organizations develop genuine relationships with the Latino community.

Carlos Velasco is the CEO of Novle. Novle believes that customers will always have choices, but genuine relationships erase options. Novle’s fusing of company and customer is not a transaction, it is a formation of a mutually and long-lasting beneficial relationship. Novle has worked with many business sectors and companies such as Tiffany & Bosco, National Bank of Arizona, Mass Mutual of Arizona, OnQ Financial, Nunez Law Firm, Valley Surgical Resources and Local First Arizona to understand and engage the Latino community.

The philosophy is to be a path into a community’s culture and daily integration. More than ‘a sale’ or a business transaction, it believes in being a good community partner with those it serves.

A core principle of Novle is a profound belief in being a part of something larger than a number because results are easy when the work is meaningful. A company can fulfill its desired potential through a genuine partnership with its community.

Novle strives to bring together the right people to bridge the gap, drive material change and spark positive, long-term impact.

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