Dr Nancy Knows Dawn Jackson

CEO and founder of Dawn’s Pairing, Dawn Jackson is a wine distributor for One Hope Wine’s providing great wines originating from Napa Valley. One Hope Wine is a business with a purpose. They partners with non-profits, organizations and groups of friends for wine pairing parties and fundraising for charity.

Dawn will help you have a stunning event. Entertain with charcuterie boards, boxes, deserts for your next event. She will help you pair food with a wine that fits your palette and inspire unique creations with you in mind!

She brings wines and works with the hosting organization or individual to bring together tapas foods with the perfect wine for social and networking events. Dawn would love to come to your non-profit and host a wine pairing party with you.

In addition to her work with Dawn’s Pairings, after loosing her own son, she now is a house manager for a group home, Firm Foundation Youth Homes. Mentoring and helping kids through healing and fun that are in CPS custody.

As a entrepreneur with two years under her belt, she recommends others that are starting out to find a good mentor and stick to developing one skill at a time to grow your excellence. Be patient with yourself and find your network. Grow your collaboration and help others to grow.

Dawn shares that love is what drives her. That by living life and doing business from a place of love for yourself and others, you make a difference in the world .

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