Danielle Williams #divastrong

Are you living with a medical diagnosis that has turned your world upside down? In need of inspiration to face it with strength while not allowing it to define who you are? This episode is especially for you.

Danielle Williams, aka #DivaStrong, lives out the reality of fighting stage 4 lung cancer as a non-smoker by “killing it with kindness” while undergoing aggressive treatments starting in 2018.

Cancer isn’t the only thing Danielle approaches with kindness. She is the founder of Community Link AZ. A resource platform that highlights people, products and services in the community making a positive impact in the lives of others. Each week on the Community Link AZ Youtube Channel meet people, especially non-profits, who you can engage with that brings good into the world.

Airing Saturday, June 12 @ 9am

In addition to Community Link AZ, Danielle is the founder of Diva Strong Media a boutique media consulting firm. Diva Strong helps non-profits understand the media process and get them ready to manage their journey into print, radio, tv and podcasting.

Danielle was recently recognized as the 2021 Best of the Desert TV Personality of the West Valley. She was delightfully surprise when she learned of the nomination submitted by non-profits she’s consulted with. Danielle, who has 20 years experience in TV and media, was honored to be selected among media peer finalists she respects such as Cory McCloskey of Fox10News and Jamie Ceretta of AzFamily.

Hear Danielle’s story and about how helping young people build communication skills was the inception of Community Link AZ and her work with Diva Strong Media as a Professional Media Consultant, Community Liaison, Visionary Content Creator and Motivational Speaker.

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