Are you or someone you know looking for work? Would you like to “earn as you learn”? Then the Arizona Apprenticeship Program is for you!  

As State Program Director Mr. Higgins oversees 244 apprenticeship programs statewide incorporating over 1,100 employers with 4,400 registered apprentices and counting. 

Dr Nancy Knows William Higgins

Join Dr Nancy as she connects with William (Willie) Higgins. Willie knows the power and life direction available through apprenticeships. His personal career exemplifies the opportunity. Willie started his career in Northern Ireland as a Bricklayer in a registered apprenticeship.  Willie worked as a journeyman bricklayer for over 32 years including roles as the foreman or superintendent. With the Bricklayer’s organization in Arizona he was a recognized leader, manager and instructor graduating to apprenticeship coordinator for nine years.

Willie served on various committees related to apprenticeship as a key thought leader fostering successful programs. He served with Southwest Safety Training Alliance (SSTA), Western Apprenticeship Coordinators Association (WACA) President and Recording Secretary and served as a member of the Arizona Apprenticeship Advisory Committee (AAAC). 

Mr. Higgins is now the Arizona State Apprenticeship Program Director and in that role, he has become an established part of the apprenticeship system in Arizona. Mr. Higgins is an executive board member of National Association of State and Territorial Apprenticeship Directors (NASTAD) of which there are 28 members across the United States.

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