Dr Nancy Knows Doria Tabron

With a passion for your natural beauty, meet Doria Tabron who launched Doria Mechelle Haircare for women of all ethnicities.

Doria M. Tabron is a wife, mother and successful entrepreneur. As Mrs. Maricopa County, she will be competing for Mrs. Arizona America in August 2021.

In this world full of obstacles, Doria believes in herself by having faith in God, even when things seem impossible. The opportunity to learn in the midst of challenges allows her to be focused. The support, love and the power to be the best version of herself allows her to be fearless. The realization of these elements is how her platform “Focused and Fearless” came to be.

Don’t look for validation from the people around you. Look in the mirror and say “I can” and “I will”. You be your biggest cheerleader for yourself

-Doria Tabron

Doria knows that when she looks and feels beautiful, she is influenced to be her best self. Her mission through “Focused and Fearless” is to help other women look and feel beautiful so they can be all that they aspire to be.

As the Executive Director of the Empire Beauty School for eight years, she has organized, operated, and met school policies, regulations, and key metrics successfully. Doria has been able to do so by ensuring compliances were up to part, increasing school enrollments, state licenses, and meeting requirements for audits. She makes sure all students receive what they need to be successful.

At Radiant Church, Doria is a leader with the Radiant Women Christian Organization in Chandler, Arizona to help women identify their life purpose. She recently graduated from Biltmore University with a Bachelors in Theology and is currently pursuing her Master’s. Doria is also a Millionaires Club member alongside hundreds of other entrepreneurial women working to build legacies and make history for their family.

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