Dr. Christopher Condon is a chiropractic physician and has practiced very successfully for over twenty years. Dr. Condon cares for all ages from newborns to the elderly and has been sought after by professional athletes and musicians. He specializes in corrective care and has helped thousands of patients achieve relief from chronic pain syndromes and their related spinal deviations. Patients from around the country and the world have visited his offices to gain relief and correction of conditions like scoliosis, forward head posture, kyphosis, herniated discs and various neuropathic pain syndromes.

After leading his class in clinical excellence and graduating from the prestigious Life University school of Chiropractic in 1999, Dr. Condon opened his first office, Andover Spine Center, and served hundreds of patients every week for over twenty years. Soon after, he opened his second clinic, Bell Tower Chiropractic, treating severe acute injury cases with
a focus on spinal ligament and disc injury.

Dr. Condon and his family have moved to Arizona and opened Ally Spine Center in Fountain Hills. Clinical expertise in the management of chronic spinal pain and a special focus on the treatment and rehabilitation of disc injuries are some of Dr. Condon’s current areas of practice.

When not seeing patients in his new office in Scottsdale, Dr. Condon enjoys his time with his family and learning more about the new desert surroundings. He is a fitness and nutrition consultant and has been involved in bodybuilding and personal training for over two decades. He also enjoys travelling, reading biographies and playing fetch with the family
cat, Rocky.

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