David Brown, CEO Activz

David has been behind some of the greatest successes in the entire nutritional industry. That path led David and his team to create ACTIVZ. It brings a life-changing products based upon decades of research.

“We’re making it easier for average people to succeed. We have products that have a profoundly positive effect upon health. We offer a different path for health. ACTIVZ offers products you simply can’t get anywhere else.”  

— David Brown, CEO Activz Global

David Brown jokes that his path began early in life when he realized he wasn’t going to be 6’4” or always sport a full head of hair. “I learned early on that there are a lot of things beyond our control, so we should try and control the things we can and try not to worry about the rest.” That realization and a passion for nutrition, health, and wellness, as well as a law degree from Cornell has led to years of successful experience in the nutrition industry.

David is perhaps best known for identifying which sales channels will maximize a company’s growth. Whether it was taking Metabolife from direct selling to becoming the world’s largest retail diet brand or taking Lifevantage out of its struggling retail efforts and turning it into a $200 million direct marketing company.

“ACTIVZ is more than a name,” he says. “It’s an outlook, an energy, a driving force and we want to share it with the world. That’s the future of Activz and everyone who joins with us”.

Dr. Nancy’s Knows broadcasts on Saturday February 20th at 9am. Join us to learn what you can do about women’s health with Dr Nancy and David.

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