Dr Ronke Komolafe

Dr. Ronke Komolafe currently serves as the President and CEO of Rivers Integrated, LLC, a company that provides business and healthcare solutions across the Country. She joins Dr Nancy Knows and will share her personal journey, influences along her own path and who her work focuses on as an expert in behavioral health.

Dr. Ronke Komolafe, DBH., MBA has 14 years of experience managing in the healthcare industry. She is known for her leadership strategies, regulatory affairs, integrated care, and electronic health record expertise.

Prior to joining Rivers Integrated, LLC., Dr. Komolafe served as the Director of Integrated Care Solutions at NextGen and the Vice President of Compliance and Operations with Topaz Information Solutions(TopazIS) in Phoenix, Arizona.

Dr. Komolafe was the Behavioral Health Administrator at Health Net Access of Arizona, she was responsible for integrating behavioral health and physical health services for Health Net members. While working with Health Net, Dr. Komolafe was assigned to lead multiple projects to improve the quality of care for high-risk/high-cost members and successful patient outcomes by increasing access to care and decreasing the use of emergency departments by GMH/SUD members.

Previously, Dr. Komolafe served as Behavioral Health Program Manager with Arizona Medicaid. In this position, Dr. Komolafe monitored the Arizona Department of Behavioral Health Services and Acute care health plan oversight of behavioral health services for Medicaid members.
Before working at Arizona Medicaid, Dr. Komolafe served as a Behavioral Health Case Manager, for Southwest Network in Phoenix, Arizona. In this role, Dr. Komolafe provided case management and coordination of care services to members with serious mental illness and facilitated psychosocial rehabilitation services for the clinic.

Dr. Komolafe recently completed her Strategic Sustainable Leadership Program at Harvard in 2020, earned her Doctor of Behavioral Health degree from Arizona State University in Phoenix Arizona in 2018, a Master of Business Administration at University of Phoenix, and a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology from the University of Louisville in Kentucky.

Dr. Nancy’s Knows broadcasts on Saturday March 6th at 9am. Join us to learn about Dr Ronke’s journey and healthcare trends.

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