Micaela is the Founder and President of Veterans In Pain (V.I.P.). V.I.P facilitates OrthoBiologic & alternative medical solutions for Veterans suffering from chronic pain.

To helps veterans receive care V.I.P. connects volunteer physicians, often for free, with our country’s heroes nationwide. They help with transportation and accommodations to support veterans to receive care that gives them and their families hope.

Veterans In Pain is advocating for the Regenerative Therapies for Veterans Act”. This legislative Initiative specifically calls for governmental funding for veterans to receive stem cell treatment as a regenerative therapy.

Micaela knows first hand the life changing impact stem cell as a regenerative therapy provides. In 2011 Micaela suffered an accident result leaving her in a wheelchair with over 20 spine surgeries & procedures. She personally experienced being 80% bed-bound over six years due to the diagnosis two devastating chronic pain diseases: Arachnoiditis complicated by CRPS of the spine. She experienced a stem cell transplant in 2017, donated by family friend, that changed her life forever.

It was her personal experience with chronic pain and debilitated challenges that she realizing the magnitude of the affect OrthoBiologics. In 2018 the concept for Veterans In Pain V.I.P. was born.

As of November 2020, V.I.P. has facilitated approximately $1,000,000 worth of value of OrthoBiologic & Alternative services for Veterans across the country via its all volunteer V.I.P. Physician that are network across the USA and in Canada.

Dr. Nancy’s Knows broadcast on Saturday February 27th at 9am. Watch the interview above. Join us to learn about chronic pain care and caring for Veterans and their families with Dr Nancy and Micaela.

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