The Five Brothers

Saturday, December 26th Dr. Nancy Knows welcomes Phillip Bazemore, JD, F. Travis Buchanan Esq, Dr. Neville Campbell, Judge Carlos E. Moore and Charles Tucker, Jr. Esq. for the 9am broadcast.

These five men are successful African-Americans who share their journeys of pursuing and conquering their educational and professional goals in their new book “The Five Brothers”.

The Five Brothers, related not by blood but by bond, are fiercely determined to make a difference in the lives of others adhering to their twist to the Golden Rule and doing what they wish others had done for them.

Their memoir is a refreshing reminder that no matter what we achieve in life, the most important thing we can do is to remember those who are coming behind us.

These five champions demonstrate that sports and entertainment are not the only avenues to success for Black males, and as mentors, husbands, advocates, brothers, community leaders, sons, and men of faith, they share their experiences with the kind of honesty and transparency that leaves us with doses of joy and hope in a time where not enough of these things exist.

Dr. Nancy’s Knows broadcast on Saturday December 26th at 9am to catch inspiration from Dr Nancy’s conversation with The Five Brothers.

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