Pastor Charity Craig

Saturday, December 19th Dr. Nancy Knows welcomes Pastor Charity Craig.

We’ll be chatting with Pastor Charity about the churches impact in communities as people struggle to ‘shelter in place’ and manage social distancing. Her personal story is a journey of understanding deep loss and how God completely restores.

Pastor Charity’s passion is to show the love of God to people who don’t believe in Him and teach Christians to walk in authority and sustain complete life wholeness. She serves through Turn 180 an outreach to this generation to mentor victorious Christian living. Pastor Charity is the founder of “Celebrating Serenity” in honor of her infant child who passed away at 6 months due to Down Syndrome Complications.

My daughter and I just found a wallet full of cash and credit cards. We turned it in. #principles #integrity

– Charity Craig, Facebook Dec 3, 2020

Pastor Charity has a passion to train and mentor women of all ages. She conducts a daily video devotion and prayer via Facebook LIVE.

Rewatch Dr. Nancy’s Knows live stream from Saturday December 19th to catch inspiration from Dr Nancy’s conversation with Pastor Charity Craig.

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