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“The way we love ourselves. The way we love our bodies. The way we love other people. These bring power into our lives.” says Jincy Kelly.

Jincy is no stranger to overcoming. As a Thought Coach, Cellulite Product Executive, Matchmaker and Dating Coach Jincy Kelly shares elements of her story most women can relate to with Dr Nancy Knows.

Love Your Body

Coming from a pharmaceutical background Jincy couldn’t believe that cellulite was something that had to be lived with. After a year of research, she developed a two step process to protect the body against future cellulite and address what the body already has. This lead to the discovery and creation of Cellugone Max.

With Cellugone Max in three months, the root cause of cellulite is supported providing nutrition for the connective tissue. This protects the body from future cellulite in concert with a healthy diet and exercise. If you have existing cellulite, non-invasive and pain-free laser treatments helps the body to remove cellulite. Jincy helps you with both.

Love Yourself

Did you know that the average person processed 50,000 thoughts a day and 80% are negative? Jincy has created a program used across the country called “The School of Gratitude”. It is a six week course, held at rehab centers cross the United States. Jincy says “Empowering addicts to understand who they are, that they are valued has the power to change them for life by changing how they think.”

Finding Love

Coming up Jincy is sponsoring a matchmaking weekend event at Scottsdale Top Golf both Friday and Saturday. The event provides a fun, education connection for singles. A panel discussion by local experts on the power of love and sexuality will challenge and inspire. A featured speaker gives straight talk on how sex can be redeeming rather than breaking and taking. Professionals will share their wisdom of relationship development to inspire healing from experiences that have hindered you from experiencing the fullness of love. All this while meeting other quality singles and playing at Top Golf!

For more info, contact Jincy at info@jincykelly.com or via Facebook Messenger.

“Perseverance stretches us. If everything was handed to us. Life wouldn’t be exciting. Every human heart has to learn to preserver. It stretches us. It enlarges us. Keep going so your soul and heart are proud of who you are.”

Jincy Kelly, Entrepreneur,

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