Dr Nancy Knows Gary Charlson

Have stubborn fat that just won’t go away? Tried exercise and diet but fat remains? Gary Charlson’s “PRO-FIT Laser” can help starting at $250! “It’s accessible for the masses!” says Gary Charlson.

As the CEO and Inventor of PRO-FIT Laser measurable results of body contouring, inches lost and muscle development are achieved in little as one to eight sessions.

The 7D is a combination of three lasers. The Red Laser, Infrared Laser that reduces visceral fat and a Tweener Laser. These three lasers work together to reach the fat just below the skins surface as well as the fat at deeper layers.

This approach will tackle cellulite.
If you have a lot of fat, you could loose up to 2″ per session.
There are no side effects.
It is not invasive.
There is no pain.

The fat that is reduced from the cells is dissipated by engaging the lymphatic system to move the fat out of your body.

Did you know that Dr. Nancy provides PRO-FIT Laser services at her Dr Nancy’s Integrative Medicine clinic?

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