Dr Jon McCaine PHD

Saturday, December 12th Dr. Nancy Knows welcomed Dr Jon McCaine, PH.D. The conversation highlighted seasonal mood instability which can touch people during seasonal weather changes and also over holidays.

Dr. McCaine has been recognized by receiving the Attorney General’s Distinguished Service Award for his work in the area of family violence prevention and education.

He is passionate about working with high risk teenagers and getting people to understand that emotional pain and fear are the root causes of aggression. Dr McCaine addresses the needs of high risk populations including mood, anxiety, and disruptive behavior disorders of adolescents, teen dating and adult intimate partner abuse and violence, as well children and geriatric adults in dependent care.

“We are the architects of our emotions as we struggle for the confidence to overcome challenging circumstances, seek the emotional security of mutually meaningful relationships, and search for a sense of purpose and significance in our lives.”

-Dr. Jon McCaine, PH.D.

Dr. McCaine is the Program Supervisor of the Lighthouse High Risk Youth Intensive Outpatient Program with Bayless Healthcare at the South Phoenix Family Clinic.

He also serves as the Clinical Director of Desert Haven Care Center Skilled Nursing Facility overseeing the Bayless Behavioral Health programming of residents in the facility behavior units requiring specialized care.

With expertise in Emotional & Behavioral Health, Counseling and Addiction treatments this is a program not to miss.

Watch Dr. Nancy’s Knows conversation with Dr. Jon McCaine, PH.D.

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