Dr Nancy Knows Justin Johanson Intellectual Property Attorney

Justin Johanson is a Registered Patent & Trademark attorney licensed to practice before the United States Patent and Trademark office. Justin’s legal practice spans a wide range of intellectual property rights servicing fortune 50 companies such as Amazon, IBM, and Intel as well as many small business interests.

In 2021 Justin’s firm, Johanson Parker LLC, filed over 800 trademarks. Justin will help you choose a trademark that can’t be beaten and learn how to register a trademark to secure all your intellectual property, protect your business from any fraud or deception when it comes to your brand identity.

A Trademark secures ownership of your brand. It protects you from trademark infringement and increases the value of your business.

Innovate IP Law offers a free consultation. They are also offering a $250 credit off any trademark by mentioning you wanted Justin on the Dr Nancy Knows show.

Justin has a unique background that is perfectly suited for strategic planning for intellectual property portfolio management (trademarks and copyrights) and planning, especially for small business owner.

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