Joining Dr Nancy is Mark Warlick, Managing Director of National Real Estate ReCyclers.

Mark focuses on Estate Planning and helping people use reverse mortgages and providing options when facing foreclosure. Beneficiary Deeds have some pro’s and a few things to consider. Benefits include avoiding probate and a quick transfer of property upon the death of the grantor. Considerations include that the property may be taxed and if the beneficiary dies before the grantor, it is not part of their estate.

Mark can help your neighborhood by working with the owner to turn vacant eyesores into a safe, secure and beautiful addition to your neighborhood. This increases property values.  Often Mark’s firm will provide you a finders fee for referring vacant properties to us.

For those dealing with tax liens, let Mark help you resolve your concerns regarding your property in a positive and efficient manner.  We recognize that this is a stressful time when there is a tax lien on your property. 

Developing a national ecosystem for recycling real estate profitably for the owner, heirs and buyers. Mark’s expertise includes wholesaling, fix and flips, buy and holds, performing and non-performing notes, tax liens, probates and beneficiary deed creation.

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