Dr Nancy Knows Larry Witherspoon

Larry’s passion and business is creating minority ownership in the next generation of TV & radio.

For more than 25 years, Larry Witherspoon has paved the way for the innovative convergence of “Old Tech” and “New Tech“ applied to multiple industries. Larry is passionate about combining leading edge digital media technology communications to provide greater visibility and competitive edge for public companies, private organizations, and special interest groups in all communities. Larry gained his experience in communications technology, logistics and customer support during his 16 year career with FedEx a fortune 500 company. The experience of working at global leader and innovative company carried over into his decision leave FedEx in 2004 to focus on business endeavors as an entrepreneur.

Larry, infused by a career which provide access to next generation advances transportation, communications technology, digital media and logistic. He began marketing innovative solutions that merged traditional media, TV, radio, Internet, streaming and mobile platforms. His 2006 venture, FaithFone Wireless was featured In Fortune Magazine and was the first MVNO in the faith industry to feature various apps, including mobile tithing, Bible, video, and TV.

He later launched the NuGospel Network on the digital tier, along with Daystar® and TBN® on the OlympuSat® satellite network.

Founded by Larry Witherspoon, Connect To Your City, LLC (CTYC) is a Phoenix, Arizona based company focused on providing leading edge broadcasting platforms for the traditional broadcaster seeking to amplify their audience and develop distribution channels for local podcasters looking to become broadcasters.

CTYC’s broadcasting solutions like it’s 50 OTT (Over The Top) channels, operate independently over the Internet via secure networks and wireless infrastructures developed, designed, and implemented by CTYC to reach and engage niche specific audiences worldwide.

CTYC is the largest Black-owned OTT multi-channel operator in the world and is positioned to influence millions of viewers, listeners, and consumers around the world.

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