Dr Nancy Knows Lee Radden

Do you wear high heels? It can be a love / hate relationship with high heels. Three-inch-or higher heels put seven times higher pressure on the ball of your feet. Ouch!

High Heel Solution uses a custom-created, brand new 3M technology design to distribute weight off the metatarsal bone. Happier feet while wearing your favorite high heels!

This revolutionary High Heel Solution allows you to wear your precious pumps longer with a smile!

Lee’s passion is designing and producing simple, workable, readily available solutions for commonplace problems..

She resides in Scottsdale, Arizona with her husband and young son. She is an alumna of Coleman University centered on information technology education located in San Diego, California. Lee is a former computer engineer, and was the only female on a global cyber-security team, for the largest and most highly valued semiconductor chip manufacturer in the world. Although her husband says her profession is now ‘consumer,’ she devotes her time, talent and abundant energy to family, friends and major causes in the Phoenix metropolitan area.

As a scientist Lee conceived and developed the original process for freezing alcohol for use in the confectionary industry. With her location in Old Town Scottsdale, she became the Valley of the Sun’s only provider of delicious alcohol-infused ice cream, a successful, award-winning venture with over 120 flavors offered.

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