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Popular Love and Lies Podcast host M’Jaie Mangus joins Dr Nancy Knows. Real answers, reaching reach people to get to real solutions. Love and Lies tackles all sorts of subjects, there are no limits. Depression and Social Influencers, Eating Disorders, Sugar Babies, Suicde survivor to dating and attraction. Half of the guests are anonymous. They sit with M’Jaie to share their truths in a safe, non-judgmental space to help other people. M’Jaie says “Anonymous guest have a lot of strength and come away light and with healing in their own hearts as they tell, confess, events that have shaped their lives.”. There is nothing you can say, that shocks. M’Jaie on Love and Lies.


As The Power Coach, M’Jaie provides coaching specialized in self-growth, happiness, love in life and business. “People feel like they are the only ones who are facing hard life events. But if they only knew!”, exclaims M’Jaie. From reinventing yourself, finding courage to take leaps of faith, or help getting over walls that keep holding you back. Your path is open before you and with M’Jaie’s virtual coaching she helps people all over the country.  

I highly recommend anyone who feels lost or static in their life to book a session with M’Jaie, she will turn your problems around!

– CASSIDY TORREY, Power Coach Client

As “The Expressionist”, M’Jaie brings awareness to tough topics through art. She uses her body in various art expressions to tackle hard subjects in the beauty and spirit of the great artistic masters.

To connect with M’Jaie, you’ll find “Love and Lives” on all major podcasts and her website. Connect with M’Jaie for coaching below.

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