Dr Nancy Knows Debbie Romano

Fountain Hills Healthy Heartbeats was seeded 10 years ago when Debbie’s husband had quintuple bypass surgery. Debbie fell in love with how eating plants could heal her and her husbands health. She had a thyroid issue and lost 50 pounds. It changed her life.

Dr Nancy Knows Debbie Romano

Debbie says it’s the simple changes over time that are the most profound. She focuses on behavior changes and teaching her clients to become aware through knowledge. Behavioral change takes about 6-8 weeks and Debbie focuses on how to make it sustainable. Her offering help you learn the how to read product labels, grocery shopping with active coaching and one-on-one engagement.

Debbie’s program is customized to each individual using speaking, writing, visual and repetition to help you find your own “ah ha” moments.

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