Dr Nancy Knows Hormone Testing

You’ve heard it before “Oh, THAT’S just part of getting older”. With micronutrient testing options, find out exactly what’s up with your body and your hormones. You do not have to “just live with it”. Testing removes the guess work with an accurate measurement empowering real solutions to health challenges.

Hormone imbalances are experienced as:

Hot flashesMemory LapseErectile Dysfunction
Night SweatsSugar CravingsApathy / Mood Changes
HeadachesWeight GainPoor Cognition
Poor SleepDry, Dull SkinBrain Fog
AnxietyPoor StaminaFatigue
DepressionDecreased muscle mass/strengthChronic Irritability
StressNeck / Back PainIncreased Facial Hair/Acne
Low LibidoDecreased urinary flow (men)Thinning hair, eyebrows or eyelashes

What You Should Know

Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard and Doug Caporrino talk about what you can do in this encore show. Hormone replacement may or may not be for you. Testing is how you will know based on science.

What You Can Do

Hormone imbalances can affect a wide range of body functions including metabolism and appetite, heart rate, sleep cycles, reproductive cycles and sexual function, general growth and development, mood and stress levels and body temperature.

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