Dr Nancy Knows Tina Marie Fowler

Tina Marie Fowler is a lifelong entrepreneur, business owner and business coach who believes that the key to life’s happiness starts by creating bridges.

In 2006, she founded Tina Marie The Bridge Builder (TMTBB), an organization focused on empowering women to build stronger communities and sisterhoods. TMTBB has provided women across the greater Phoenix-metro area a place to learn, network and thrive both professionally and socially regardless of age, status or background.

Through group events, public speaking engagements and team-building exercises, TMTBB’s values are centered on healing, inspiring and creating awareness around common issues affecting middle aged women. At TMTBB, living authentically is the number one qualification.

A mother to two daughters and grandmother to two grandchildren, Tina Marie was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 2008. Through her love of God, family, and empowerment for women, Tina Marie has created a recipe for success that she hopes to impart on other like-minded women.

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