Renee P Washington

Renee Washington is a fresh, positive and accomplished television and radio announcer for the Philadelphia Union as a Gameday Host. You’ll see Renee on ESPN and as a Fox Sports Anchor covering the Wizards, Mystics, and NCAA.

She hosts Fox Sports Radio “Beyond the Headlines” every Wednesday at 12pm ET covering highlights for the latest soccer, basketball and football news in the weekly sports wrap.

As a model, motivational speaker and three-time All American Division 1 Soccer Player Renee is an all-star athlete in her own right. She continues to bring inspiration by highlighting someone making a positive impact in their community through “Positive Vibes Only“.

“Planted, Not Buried (PNB)” is a people helping people connection created by Ms. Washington. It’s accessed through a free messaging application called slack to connect self care, motivation, networking guidance and positive connection. For more info, contact Renee through one of her social media channels.

Dr. Nancy’s Knows broadcast with Renee on Saturday March 20 at 9am and an encore presentation on Saturday April 3rd at 9am. Join us to connect with Renee P Washington.

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