Reggie Campbell

Reggie Campbell has a heart for humanitarian initiatives. Texas Excellence Awards recognized Reggie as the 2020 Inspirational Artist of the Year for his music. It compliments his outstanding work for families and underserved youth in the community.

Saturday, January 30th Dr. Nancy Knows welcomed Reggie Campbell. Dr. Nancy and Reggie will talk about the journey of mentoring, professional music and managing life. They will dive into music as a powerful tool to sooth the soul and lift one towards healing.

Music therapy programs for children with autism spectrum disorders is an area of devoted expertise. As a Music Therapist and father of a daughter with special needs Reggie has first hand experience how music relieves and comforts.

Reggie’s passion for God’s healing through music and serving others has been a life long journey. Feeding the homeless and other vulnerable populations, hosting benefit concerts to raise awareness and funding for humanitarian aid, assisting the elderly and working extensively with children with autism spectrum disorders are areas of service in Reggie’s life and work.

Join Dr. Nancy’s Knows live stream at 9am on Saturday or watch the replay to catch Dr Nancy’s conversation with Reggie Campbell.

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