31.7 million Small Businesses are the lifeblood of the US economy. They create two thirds of the net jobs that drive innovation and competitiveness. Small Business entrepreneurs matter. Shasta and her team at Capital Stewardship partner with leaders to help them develop and scale their business.

Scaling your business starts with the leaders personal and professional development. Shasta summarizes “Better stewardship of your wealth starts with you. It benefits your business bottom line and pour into other people who care about what you care about.”

Dr Nancy’s invited Shasta to share tips, especially for leaders. Especially for those who are just getting started or are facing challenges to get to the next level:

  • Journal: Clarity is key to actionable goals and discovering blockers in a plain, straightforward manner. Journaling will help you identify trends in your thoughts and feelings. Once you discover these items, you can get clear on options.
  • Read: Broaden your horizon by actively reading.
  • Relationships: Cultivate an understanding on why people do what they do.
  • Operate in YOUR super power. Build your business on your gifts and passions. You can partner with others on activities or services that complement your gifting.

At Capital Stewardship, we offer several services such as legacy planning for small businesses, information brokering to help you deliver the hard messages, and sponsor “Follow Your Dollars” networking.

With a Masters Degree in Organizational Leadership, Shasta helps leaders understanding themselves and how their thoughts and actions help their business and what can hold them back in business decisions, people engagements, deals and employees. As the CEO and Founder of Capital Stewardship, she is a professional business development consultant who helps CEOs and Founders take their business to the next level.

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