Dr Nancy Knows Scott Freymuller

Equipping people to identify red flags and out-of-character behaviors and help those who are affected begin the healing process through self-awareness and stepping into their truth is at the heart of Scott Freymuller’s work.

Scott is the CEO of OIB Consulting and Founder of The Knot Foundation.

The Knot Foundation

The Knot Foundation helps people identify what emotionally healthy looks like and what unhealthy looks like. It was established to raise awareness and create resources that support the mental health of those that have experienced traumatic life events.

The Knot Foundation is more than philanthropy. This includes the development of new initiatives such as a transitional work program, a crisis call center, and the support and promotion of apps and technology, such as OOLA and NUNA, that empower those healing from trauma. The Knot Foundation partners with charitable organizations such as Amanda’s Hope Foundation, Underserved Schools and the Arizona Humane Society, Through giving forward The Knot Foundation continues to cultivate relationships that foster philanthropy, the empowerment of mental health and continuously Giving Forward.

The Knot Podcast is a program with a perspective on mental health and wellness, and PTSD, as it relates to all relationships – both healthy and unhealthy. Interview spotlights include Fire, Police, Military, mental health professionals and others who have insight to share with the masses. A segment, “He Said, She Said,” features relationship topics in a raw, organic discussion surrounding healthy and unhealthy relationships.

OIB Consulting

OIB consulting builds and maintains communities through electrical consulting, design and construction. In addition to partnering with municipalities, businesses and communities on electrical projects OIB consulting supports non-profit organizations who better their communities.

More About Scott

After 20 years’ experience as a first responder, Captain Paramedic, SWAT Tactical Medic, firefighter and paramedic, he came to a realization that the traumatic events he experienced throughout life gravely impacted his decisions, relationships and life’s path. With a new-found awakening and wealth of knowledge gained after nearly a decade of therapy, counseling, meetings with experts and voracious research, his mission is to help others work to become healthy and gain a better understanding of how to heal by sharing his truth and insight.

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