Dr Nancy Knows Alicia Haygood

“Scottsdale Vibe Podcast” guests share their insights into the great things that makes Scottsdale an amazing city. Alicia Haygood, host and owner, interviews local people about their world and living life in Scottsdale.

Topics are all things Scottsdale from schmoozing with local chefs, veterans and mental health, caring for your skin in the Arizona sun to interviewing a new principal at a local school. Alicia showcases people, events and insights that are favorite things about the local community.

But before there was Scottsdale Vibe, Alicia worked for 12 years behind the scenes in Sports Television. She loved her work but decided the hours weren’t conducive to the home life she and her husband wanted. “How often, as women, we gradually loose ourselves in the focus of caring for others” Alicia reflects.

Once settled into their Scottsdale neighborhood she felt a longing to hear her own name once again. Alicia shares her journey to creating Scottsdale Vibes in this episode of Dr Nancy Knows.

Meet Alicia Haygood for inspiration as she shares her own story of returning to journalism in the podcast medium to highlight awesome things and people in the city she lives in and loves.

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