Dr Nancy Knows Janylle Radden

MenuMD exists to keep dining experiences simple and safe.

Janylle Radden has personal experience navigating the world with food allergies. All too familiar with the struggles one can face when attempting to dine out for business and social purposes.

As CEO and Co-Founder of MenuMD.com Janylle’s team works with restaurant owners to provide insights into ingredients and spices of their dishes without revealing their “secret sauce”. For people with food sensitivities or allergies MenuMD eases the process of selecting a restaurant, and more specifically a dish that can accommodate one’s dietary needs.

Janylle Radden and Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard

With MenuMD, a user can search for and select a restaurant, view the menu filtered by their dietary needs, and know in an instant the items they can safely order from that menu.

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