Woman of Faith. Mother. Entrepreneur. Sofia Mariscales is a woman on a mission to help others transform their lives and accomplish their dreams.

Saturday, February 6th Dr. Nancy Knows welcomes Sofia Mariscales. Dr. Nancy and Sofia will talk about physical wellness through using safe products, eating well and business.

Sofia is the founder of Empire of Wellness. Her passion and business is to help people focus on healthy living and financial freedom. She is an advocates for safe household products without bleach, formaldehyde or parabens. When possible, Sofia encourages people to eat organically grown foods. Good for your family and good for your environment.

A few years ago God showed me that my life purpose was to be able to use my gifts and talents to strengthen other people. How rewarding it is to see many of you join that vision.

Sofia Mariscales, Founder Empire of Wellness

Join Dr. Nancy’s Knows live stream at 9am on Saturday or watch the replay above to catch Dr Nancy’s conversation with Sofia Mariscales.

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