Dr Nancy Knows Doug Caporrino COVID Recovery

Less than 10% of people who are intubated with COVID-19 survive. Doug not only survived but is on track for a full recovery.

Doug shares his personal story of COVID-19 with two rounds of intubation, a pulmonary heart attack and a loss of 45+ pounds. Doug was very fit before contracting COVID as well as a leading authority on fitness and nutrition, with 400 published articles, celebrity clients and a scientifically grounded researcher with a biochemistry degree and a functional medicine nutritionist.

Doug is personally recuperating from a few “long hauler” COVID symptoms. The list of general long hauler symptoms is wide such as brain fog, ongoing body aches, joint pain, coughing, debilitating fatigue and head aches. Through his own experience and continued dive into cutting edge research he is redefining prevention and recovery protocols.

Doug Caporrino, Biochemist and Functional Nutritionist with Dr Nancy Gaines-Dillard.

Soon to release is “Tell Me, Teach Me, Heal Me How COVID Affected My Life and Yours”. Doug says that recovery protocols are weight and health dependent. There is hope. You can continue to heal.

If your ready to get healthier now, invest in yourself by reading “Tell Me, Teach Me, Heal Me – How To Get Healthy Before You Die Trying”. Be as healthy as you can be and enjoy your life now.

Doug shares some practical advice in pursuing lifestyle changes:

  • Set small attainable weekly goals.
  • If you need to lower your weight, train your mind with “get rid of”. Don’t use the word “loose”. Psychological we want to “find” what we “loose”. “Get rid of” sets up your mind and emotions for long term success.
  • If you haven’t exercised in a long time don’t go into it guns blazing. Do it in baby steps. Do a little bit each day.
  • Before food or drink goes into your mouth ask “Does this do me any good?”

Watch Doug’s site for his COVID story and upcoming book on protocols. Doug is available for private one-on-one coaching. Sign up for his FREE Weekly Educator email via his website.

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